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YAMAHA MIO BLUE Modif Low ride Style comes up because the caster abject is fabricated lower 10 cm than the basic. The conception is connected with rear caster installing from car rim of Toyota Kijang 5 inch customustomized. Original Shape anatomy was recustomized with relying on additive from fiberglass. This acceptable change is apparent from its anatomy by giving asthmatic from acrilyc. the change is connected to installing tyre, advanced and rear. The added art is, both caster now is installed by bifold disc. But for rear diskbrake of larboard ancillary is installed insde of CVT cover. The finals step, dejected colour acrylic accumulated with white artefact Blinken is coverred scootermatic anatomy artefact 2004.

Modification YAMAHA MIO abstracts Advanced tire: Swallow 100/70-14 Rear tire: Delitire 140/70-14 handlebar: custom Rear disk: Kitaco Advanced discbrake: Kawasaki Ninja Muffler: custom

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2 STYLE OF YAMAHA VIXION MODIF- motor yamaha vixion, motor yamaha, motor vixion

modifikasi yamaha vixion

Modification Yamaha Vixion Limbah Moge

you can see from the two motors are Yamaha Vixion no difference modifications to their style. which one looks better and which one normal but sporty look, from the two motors Yamaha Vixion I select the normal, which the source says that, modifying his Yamaha Vixion came from factory waste. but even if the waste is still factory Yamaha Vixion was getting cool.

YAMAHA VIXION FULL ACCESSORIES MODIFED- modifikasi yamaha vixion, modifikasi motor vixion


your impression of how Yamaha Vixion after seeing this. Yamaha Vixion modification was deliberately made with full accessories. because there are rarely people who use a lot of accessories on their bikes, so starting from Cuter stickers and a plug for my other bike accessories Yamaha Vixion this

2010 Honda VFR1200F Wallpapers

2010 Honda VFR1200F Photo2010 Honda VFR1200F Photo

2010 Honda VFR1200F Picture2010 Honda VFR1200F Picture

2010 Honda VFR1200F Image2010 Honda VFR1200F Image

The New 2010 Honda VFR1200F little specification is 1237cc liquid cooled engine that is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission with two modes - the new Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission system.

Honda CB300R-Honda Tiger 300CC Specification

Honda CB300R-Honda Tiger 300CC
Honda CB300R-Honda Tiger 300CC Picture

Honda has afresh replaced the 250cc Twister with a new 300cc archetypal alleged the CB300R. The barrage in Brazil took abode a few canicule aback and is already a hot affair on assorted forums beyond India. The point is, will HMSI (Honda Motorcycle Scooter India Ltd) go advanced and get the bike actuality too? Honda currently sells both scooters and bikes (along with superbikes) in India but the better accommodation bike fabricated locally is the 150cc Unicorn.

Honda CB300R-Honda Tiger 300CC Specification Detail :

4 Cycle DOHC Engine, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Engine Cylinder: 291,6cc
Engine Power: 26,53HP @ 7.500 rpm
Max Torque: 2,81kgf.m @ 6.000 rpm
PGM-FI Electronic Injection
Transmission: 6 speed
Ignition Type: Electric Starter
Battery: 12V ? 6Ah
Tank Capacity: 18 litres (2 litres reserved)
Chassis Type: Diamond/Berco Semi-Duplo
Front Suspension: Telescopic 130mm
Rear Suspension: Monoarm 105mm
Front Brake: Hydraulic: Disc 276mm
Raer Brake: Drum 130mm
Front Tyre: 110/70 ? 17M/C 54H
Rear Tyre: 140/70 ? 17M/C 66H
Dimension (L x W x H): 2.085 x 745 x 1.040 mm
Dry Weight: 143kg

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2010 Honda CB Twister Specification

2010 Honda CB Twister2010 Honda CB Twister Picture

With 9 bhp of ability and a claimed breadth of 70kmpl, Honda’s new CB Twister promises to agitate up the 100-125cc segment. The lion’s allotment of the 100cc bazaar belongs to Hero Honda, and their bikes additionally avowal of such credentials. The aisle Honda took with this motorcycle is absolutely altered to one adopted by its Indian partner.

The CB Twister looks aggregate but a Hero Honda Splendor or Passion. Many of us bygone accepted to see a apparent and arid driver with button tires and no personality.

By authoritative the move of introducing a lower accommodation motorcycle, Honda expects to see a change in chump acumen and aggrandize this area of the market.

As the name denotes, the 110cc CB Twister is aggressive by bigger the CB1000R. The amount USP of this motorcycle is its style, but there are affluence of added affidavit why barter would buy this product.

You get appearance which aren’t apparent on this ancillary of town. Tubeless tyres, aliment chargeless array and adhesive air clarify advance achievement and abate aliment cost. Added appearance like abbreviate muffler and bisected alternation are attributes that ascertain how beautiful this motorcycle is.

Though the architecture of the Honda CB Twister has been bound at Honda’s Italian architecture flat with the CB1000R as inspiration, the motorcycle is bogus for the ambitious Indian customer. Primarily to abode the charge of the Indian youngster in both rural and burghal areas, the motorcycle will additionally be exported to added countries in the future.

Honda isn’t planning to acquaint ammunition bang or added able engines on the CB Twister, admitting it bidding absorption in bringing bikes of accommodation 180-250 to India in the future. Honda is additionally belief the achievability of electric and amalgam two-wheelers for Indian bazaar in Japan (as appear by Japanese designers of this motorcycle) but they too are at absolutely a distance.

The CB Twister is accessible in bristles colors – Yellow, Green, Black, Red and Blue. The abject archetypal is priced at 42,000 rupees and will be accessible in exhibit in India by the end of February 2010. Via : Indianautosblog

Honda Civic VTi-S Sport Car Tuning

Honda Civic VTi-S Sport Car Tuning
Honda Civic VTi-S Sport Car Tuning

Troublesome if someone's obsessed with, let alone to "crush" any step taken without thought of consequences, as happened in Reindy Riupassa through Honda Civic VTI-S is difficult to make the eyes blink.

Imagine, almost nothing remained of the original body. In fact, if asked to guess the brand and type of car, certainly not to be missed.

Edannya again, smooth body Reindy cars would be cut to get the look of the Super GT Touring style. In fact, the previous concept had appeared gokil Japan Grand Touring Car (JGTC). However, that form of impingement is pelontos teenager.

Hence, he does not love the body "destroyed" because of better conversion body speaks a lot when the manufacturing process. That way, the desired detail can be achieved perfectly. "What remains of this Honda Civic headlights stay alone," called Reindy.

Modification process starts from the roof, the front cut as much as 10 cm and 7 cm behind. This step is only to satisfy the car owner wishes to install a set of Honda Integra DCS window. Continues, the model four-door turned into two, again to be attached to the door Integra.

Sepatbor back airscoop with contrived. So also on the front, but on the left and right spoiler, air cavity is also made to machine a wide contrived.

In this modification, which the victim did not just body. Audio is in part affected by reduced trunk. "I want to install roll bars," said Reindy. For construction, selected the 6 points are fitted with bolted way.

Deep black color mix of the dominant with a little red and white can turn the display Honda Civic VTI-S nuanced competition.

Vario Scooter Concept Modification

Scooter Honda Vario Modifikasi
Vario Scooter Concept Modification

Because the concept modifnya armor, means must be dismantled pairs. "It means, though extreme, the original body is still there," says this young entrepreneur.

If you see every side of a pointed shape, symbolizing the hero weapons. As the front cover, original lamp. The most sensational part, of the back. The model is like a spiral. "I most like the stern of this and be able to invite the attention of people. Something really different," proud father of this child.

Remarkably, many curves, made of fiber. To emphasize the tapering angle and curve, selected one silver color plus black dots.

Not only an impressive body of weapons of war. Contrived Sepatbor tapered front, including a custom rim design with the all-pole spear. Even the size was somewhat daring peleknya, rear and front 8 inches 5 inches. Because the width, axle pushed back to 20 cm.

Uniquely, the rear suspension can be up and down to 5 cm of water because it is equipped with suspension. Recognized Deto, these applications were copied from the car community. To keep the air tube is placed on the deck and filling the air took place as the motor in a well lit due to energy sourced from the battery.

However, to make it able to act skutik still need manual labor. This means, for the wind flow to the rear suspension uses such as a regulator of the tap.

Unfortunately, it is less convenient skutik taken for long walks. Deto not dizzy, because Honda Vario was built for the race.

Honda Blade Concept Modification From CBR600

Gambar Modif Honda Blade
Honda Blade Concept Modification From CBR600

Closing the 2009, Adhi Wicaksono handed Danukusuma modification works as a sort of breakthrough. Selected base modifiers of Lent Automodified Probolinggo, East Java, this is a Honda Blade 2009. "This must be a phenomenal work, so I'm support gone," said Budiono, the owner of the motor dealer who is also skipper Honda in Probolinggo Pigeons 2.

Because Honda Blade, Adhi chose the concept refers to the modification Honda CBR600. Thus, a sports genre that is characteristic thick moved to Blade CBR600. However, he did not trace the total concept and its reference because he argued that this modification the total result of improvisation and pure thoughts.

Siwe-daily penggilan Adhi-no cuap origin. Proof, a scrawny body changing Blade like moge, contain and sturdy. Even harmonization and maintained good detail.

With new clothes, of course the effect on the legs of a lack of balance if still retain original devices-devices. The solution, one set of legs from the Honda NSR-SP installed. Then, pro-arm system that is commensurate diapakai if disanding the bodywork.

Dominance of yellow graphic style with motifs made CBR600 Budi besutan look fierce. This was reinforced by the main lamp models from Honda Airblade is suitable. Although not exactly the same shape, at least, this approach miriplah motor. At the top of such mounted lights dark visor.

"This is a variation that is often applied Ninja 250 communities," said Adhi. The back is made thin and long, tapering to the front menyeimbangi that looked like a forward.

Gambar Modif Satria F 150 Streetfighter

Gambar Modif Satria F 150 Streetfighter
Gambar Modif Satria F 150 Streetfighter

You would not think that a modified motorcycle belonged to a 55-year-old grandfather. His name Suryana and flow modif rombakan results are to his satisfaction. Mean, people are following the correct Jakarta developments and trends modifications.

It was so, the base motor victim Suryana obsession is kind of a duck from Suzuki Satria F-150. To change the "sex" from the duck into "male model", he handed over the duck to Tauco Custom (TC) in the Sudirman, South Jakarta, is known for making such changes.

Topo Goedhel Atmodjo, skipper TC, dismantle the motor to follow his grandfather posture. Therefore, the motor was made not so high that the standard Monoshock still in use, including the original swing arm is only in-custom bit.

Meanwhile, the front suspension upside down model that he made to stay adjusted. Gas tank was also constrained to contain 6 liters. Display motor looks solid because there is a kind of pipe DELTABOX 1 / 2 inches.

According to the Suryana, comfortable handling motorcycle. Hence, he was sure and confident gush Satria F-150 as a daily drive to work in the field of writing.

These results because he can keep the wheel base, handle the model selection, and the rider with the seat position. Therefore, proper if Suryana satisfied.

Modifikasi Toyota Yaris Ceper Style

Modifikasi Toyota Yaris Ceper StyleModifikasi Toyota Yaris Ceper Style

From the look of the body, there was no change in extremes of this 2007 Toyota Yaris. Unless the roof has given sun roof and all four fenders are widened because in order to accommodate superlebar Kranze Bazreia alloy 20-inch black rubber clad Ptoxes T1R Toyo 235/30Z/R20 size (front) and 245/30Z/R20 (rear).

Views wide body, according to Ahmad Azhari who was called Didot, because following the use of wheels. For this business he was handed over to the house Brilliant modifications in East Jakarta.

Because the superlebar wheel, fender was slashed to about 3 cm. So, at the stern, in order to display dip but still parallel with the fender lip, the solution contrived negative rear wheel camber. Shown berkelir candy red hatchback is so sweet with dual exhaust design that nangkring in the rear bumper lip.

If you look at the four-wheel composition with sepatbor, I think Yaris is difficult to fast track. However, when handed the keys and contacted a voice like the sound of a compressor followed by the expanding balloon.

Sure enough, Yaris is equipped with air suspension from Air Runners products. Besides pls let me take the wheel width, Didot consideration because the condition of roads in his native city of Palembang, South Sumatra, is still a lot of curls. The installation does not have in Jakarta, but done in the city pempek by JDM Motorsport.

In the baggage hall packed with audio devices. In addition to the size of a 12-inch subwoofer, 2 units of power, and a set of speakers the size of 6 inches, still IVIO plus one 15-inch monitor. So as not to interfere with the driver's view to the rear, up and down the monitor is contrived motorized systems that rely on power windows.

Gemballa Ferrari Enzo Sport Tuning

Gemballa Ferrari Enzo Sport Tuning
Gemballa Ferrari Enzo Sport Tuning
Gemballa Ferrari Enzo Sport Tuning
Gemballa Ferrari Enzo Sport Tuning

Gemballa appear a new Ferrari Enzo affability kit alleged the MIG-U1 that was declared to admission at the Dubai Motor Show, but absent the absolute date this month. This bound copy Ferrari archetypal was completed for Gemballa’s Average East distributor, the Illyas and Mustafa Galardi Group. They acclimated Mustafa’s claimed Ferrari Enzo for the project, and concluded up with some beauteous results. Built like a MIG fighter jet, the Enzo appearance a new aerodynamic anatomy kit consisting of several parts. The achievement numbers haven’t been appear yet, but should be accessible anon if Gemballa affairs to acknowledge it at the accessible Geneva Motor Show in March.

The exoteric administration of this Ferrari is fabricated up of a advanced anatomy kit with abounding added elements. Starting with advanced is a re-sculpted adenoids with awning scoop, arch to the roof beat on top which carries all the way bottomward the aback to the jet thruster bankrupt pipes. The advanced anatomy attitude accustomed Gemballa to add vents in advanced and abaft the wheels, aspect in the fenders, and a ample rear addition that carefully resembles the Subaru STi. With its average east roots it’s hasty this Ferrari Enzo didn’t appear corrective in a gold or a chrome blush scheme, and instead they kept it artlessly atramentous and white. The autogenous accustomed accessory upgrades to the seats and panels with custom blush stitching, about that is all the advice we accept until it shows off to the public.

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Jupiter MX Full Modification
Jupiter MX Full Modification AirBrush
Modif Yamaha Jupiter MX was one of the types of the sport duck that was present at Indonesia. Tampangnya that sporty and the machine 135 cc that used the water cooler (the radiator) but also the clutch made one of the types of the duck motor that most the behaviour at this time. body that sporty still could be changed or modified in order to appear more sporty I took several photographs from several website about the Modif Jupiter Mx.dengan modification the increase in the wings on the side and low the machine made jupiter mx Airbrush more sporty at first was installed light jupiter z to the front and without upper light

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Honda RC212V Motor Sport & Dani Pedrosa

2009 Honda RC212V Action

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2009 Honda RC212V Motor Sport

2009 Honda RC212V Picture2009 Honda RC212V Picture

2009 Honda RC212V & Dani Pedrosa Wallpapers2009 Honda RC212V & Dani Pedrosa Wallpapers

Motor Modifikasi, Motor Jupiter MX, Yamaha Jupiter MX, Modifikasi MX, Jupiter MX Modif

This is modification of Yamaha Spark 135 from Thailand. It could be adopted for your Yamaha MX135

yamaha spark 135, yamaha mx135, modifikasi yamaha mx

motor modifikasi, motor jupiter mx, yamaha jupiter mx, modifikasi mio, jupiter z, jupiter z modifikasi, jupiter mx modif

yamaha spark 135 modification, custom yamaha spark 135

Foto|Gambar Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX Underbone

YAMAHA R15 Modification

One of the owners has done a small modification to his original screen. Here is a look!

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We had told you about the new color combination for the Yamaha R15. Here are more pictures taken from another blog on the same:

Yamaha R15 Modification Pictures

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Yamaha Maxam Best Picture

Yamaha Maxam Best Picture

Yamaha Deus Ex Best Gallery Motorcycle

Yamaha Deus Ex Best Gallery Motorcycle

Yamaha FZ150 Best MOtorCycle

yamaha fz 16, fz 16, yamaha india, yamaha fz india, yamaha fz price, yamaha fz fazer

Yamaha FZ150 Best MOtorCycle

Yamaha YBR 250 Best Motocycle

ybr 125, 125 yamaha ybr, 125 yamaha, ybr 250, yamaha ybr 250, yamaha 250, yamaha motos

Yamaha YBR 250 Best Motocycle

Yamaha FC 06

Yamaha FC 06

yamaha FC 06

x max, yamaha 125, x max yamaha, yamaha 250, honda x yamaha, yamaha xt x, yamaha xt

Best Motorcycle Yamaha X1R

x max, yamaha 125, x max yamaha, yamaha 250, honda x yamaha, yamaha xt x, yamaha xt

Yamaha X1R

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Yamaha V-IXION 150

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