Sunday, October 10, 2010

Modified Honda Mega Pro Such As Harley Davidson

Modified Honda Mega Pro Such As Harley Davidson
Modified Honda Mega Pro broadtrack demonstrated through the concept with emphasis forms the framework of the strongest features without closing the cover body.

"If in America, Harley-Davidson is much changed like this and for drag or road racing," said Rifai Nurhasan a modifier.

With a base Honda Mega Pro, the original frame was removed and made new with the material saimless Which has two sizes. To the front, wearing a bright Rifai 1:25 inch and one inch behind it.

The execution of the order very carefully, ESPECIALLY on any part of the curve. Lucky, a former employee of Scholastic printing it has a special instrument That Can bend the pipe, Which seemed to be made together Between the backbone to arm swing.

Front suspension in order to look slick, it combines with the variation of iron pipe homemade upside down for a duck. Upside down, he said, for damping. Wheelbase was increased by about 15 cm Because sokbreker That overhangs the front, while the rear is standard.

Process improvement is noted Rifai details. As the use of clamps or bindings Between the connection order. "In Addition to strengthening the black color, Also Enhance the look," he said.

Then, design a back sepatbor quite unique. Function, not just retaining water spray, but at the Same Time as the exhaust. The reason is, with this unification, the back so it is not Crowded. Not only that, stop lamps are united in sepatbor Also.
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