Monday, March 30, 2009

about harley devidson

about harley devidson

when you see this motor cycle you all know that was harley Davidson.but how its can be American motor lifestyle?
the Harley-Davidson motorcycle began in Milwaukee in 1903. In Milwaukee, Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson developed a one-cylinder motorcycle. Around the turn of the century the gasoline engine was developed and the one-cylinder motor was introduced. In 1901 the Indians were the first motorcycles and in 1903 Mitschell, Merkel and Yale.This motorcycle was initially built for racing and was powered by a one-cylinder gasoline combustion engine. In 1903 in Milwaukee, Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson developed a one-cylinder motorcycle.In 1905 they had made 11 motorcycles, in 1908 it were 154

1910 brought the legendary "Bar and Shield" logo that was placed on their motorcycle. This would become the defining symbol of Harley-Davidson to this day. Numerous first place winnings in races, endurance contests and hill climbs give Harley-Davidson more recognition.

In 1909 Bill Harley made a project of the first 1000 CC V-Twin. These days the biggest Harley ever appeared , the 1340 CC and These days, in America, Harley Davidson owns 62 % of the market of motorcycles with 850 CC or more !!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Bajaj Pulsar 2009

New Bajaj Pulsar 220, 200, 180 & 150cc Pictures,Photos,Images, and Desktop Wallaper

Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc

Bajaj Pulsar 180 cc

Bajaj Pulsar 200 cc

Now Iam not exactly a phenomenon of vehicle more, but a thing which is really caught my imagination recently is the new pulsar of Bajaj. I think that it is never India the narrowest arrival with a superbike and it is really shocking that a bicycle with such a power comes from the stable of Bajaj which was famous for only scooters in the past. The original pulsar, which returned approximately 6 years I guess completely stole the market of the tastes of the Honda hero and other companies. It was very impressive at this time with him is models of 150 and 180 DC. Then in 2006, when the pulsar ordered already the market, and with CBZ Xtreme and Karizma not to make any damage, Bajaj announced a new improved pulsar. This one went to see more suave, tachometer of posting to liquid crystals and the rear lights duplicated by double and the best part were, the price remained the same ones. With coming from 2007, this new range of pulsars had rocked the roads and a morning given up early, you can easily find somebody on a making pulsar of the 200 kmph or wheelies etc the hottest model of sale currently is the pulsar of 200 DC. It with posting with LED, split back-lights, new named headlights, a more aerodynamic body, transparent indicators and the best part, an enormous and broad aft wheel which provides the excellent handle and speed.

Maintaining with the whole that being there already, Bajaj launched also the pulsar of 220 DC which is glance much average and outward journey quickly of par with the new headlight and the enormous quantity of power. The pulsar was declared the �bicycle of the year -. 2007 in the Coach, the store pioneer of car. It is right the beginning, and I think that it would not be a long time before the beginning of Hayabusa making the manner to the bottom here there because the new Indian cyclist with the money, and it likes speed. To go to leave you with images of the 200 DC and pulsar of 220 DC.

harley devidson on the road

harley devidson on the road

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Suzuki Spin 125 Gallery Modification

Suzuki Spin 125 retro classic style modification

Suzuki Spin 125 Girly style with romantic color
Suzuki Spin 125 low rider and red color body brush modification

Suzuki Spin 125 simple black and white modification

Suzuki Spin 125 engine and wheels modification

Suzuki Spin 125 futuristic modify

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