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Kawasaki GPZ1100

The Most Wanted And Most Waiting Car 2011


After showing off a concept version at the Tokyo auto show events 23 October to 4 November 2009 ago, Honda Motor Co. eventually. Ltd. to market Honda's Compact Renaissance Zero, or the CR-Z coming in February specifically for the Japanese market.

Honda CR-Z After that Honda will bring it to the European variant and the U.S. in the second half of 2010.

Brochures and advertising in virtual worlds such as Honda called motorauthority explained, the car will use gasoline engines 1500 cc four-cylinder power capable of spraying up to 114 horsepower at 6000 rpm.

While maximum torque, 145 Newtonmeter (Nm) at 4.800rpm.

Conventional engine with an electric motor that tech dikimpoikan typical Honda - Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA), which generates up to 13.5 horsepower. Honda hybrid sports variant of this system is equipped with six-speed manual transmission.

But Honda also offers a choice of automatic transmission technology with continuously variable transmission (CVT), a six-speed. With the technology transfer rate of acceleration of the more subtle and barely felt.

The car was called the embodiment of Honda's commitment to the environment, both as an effort to meet the market demand for Honda, as called Takanobu Ito, chief executive at the July 2009 Honda ago.

"This plan (to produce a hybrid variant-ed) was done as part of Honda's new direction change in order to meet the demand for hybrid cars continue to rise," I Ito at the time.

But unfortunately, until now there has been no official explanation how the car was dibanderol

That said, Toyota as the manufacturer behind the launch of the Lexus LFA is willing to take the loss just to release this one product. It could be true when considering so many technologies that grafted Toyota on this one car. That said, 60% more than the car is made from carbon fiber so that the total weight of this car also can be pressed maximally.

LFA Project was started in the year 2000 and five years later, the Lexus under Toyota showcase this car in concept form at the Detroit auto show. Lexus plans to release only 500 units started in 2010. Lexus will produce only about 20 cars per month until the quota was met in about two years. Not only that, Lexus is also planning to select the applicants before allowing them to bring this car home.
Just caught a glimpse of this already appears that LFA is an exotic car. There are only two seats are provided Lexus LFA. V-10 engine capacity 4.800cc placed at the front as the engine power output is transferred to the rear wheels because the coupe is not using all-wheel drive system. This machine is capable of generating power at 553 horsepower with a maximum speed of around 325km per hour.

As mentioned earlier, 65% part of this car made of carbon fiber while the remaining 35% made of aluminum. This is also the cause of this LFA project so long in penggodokan included. Lexus initially planned to create a framework of aluminum in the middle of the project but plans have changed and now the frame is made of woven carbon fiber. These decisions have an impact on the total weight of about 100kg.

The use of carbon fiber was not only lose weight because of the desire car. According to chief engineer of the Lexus, with a carbon fiber body, the angle can be made more sharply so that the level was also increased aerodynamic. In testing, Car and Driver recorded a waktu3, 7 seconds to reach speed of 100km per hour. In addition this site also mentions that in high speed, it still remains stable LFA ridden.

This site is also mentioned in the matter of control, it feels very solid LFA although fully using electronic systems. Even if there are complaints, this site just to mention a little rough on the transmission mode is more automatic and the manual suggests using a more refined system. Agreed with Car and Driver Car Magazine is the opinion although the site is also mentioned that the design of instruments in the dashboard includes interesting. CNet did not mention the fact almost none of the weaknesses of the cars that they consider the evolution of the Toyota Supra

Update looks as if nothing had stopped at the Toyota car models. In later 2010, which in turn is the Toyota Auris facelift.

That a hatchback car with a Corolla platform is going through changes not only interior but also exterior. Auris would glide in England next year it will change the shape grille and bumper. The main lights would look more dynamic and different from existing models. Similarly bonnetnya.
toyota-auris-corolla-hybrid-concept 2010
At first glance, if observed, the Auris is almost similar to the Toyota Yaris. Increasing more views exist on the shape and design alloy wheels. Cyclic form is more sporty wheels with multi-beam design.

On the interior, comes with new colors and a touch of the materials that have better quality, especially at the highest version. Secured passengers who sat in it will feel more comfortable.

At the circumference of the wheel there is the ease in moving an automatic transmission. Toyota Auris has been equipped with gear shifting feature on the wheel. The result?

Driver response is more responsive because the process of moving teeth easily accessible with a finger or more ergonomic. Performance 1,800 cc engine fitted with CVT technology, so more subtle acceleration.
Another good news is the people of Europe, especially England would rather be in determining the type most interested in the Toyota Auris. The reason Toyota also intends to offer a hybrid version.

Hybrid Auris scheduled to be made in assembly plants in the UK, but the new Toyota will officially announce the end of this year. Santer news came Auris Hybrid will use the same technology with the Prius.

To monitor the extent to which the European community responses to the most environmentally friendly version of this, Toyota Auris will conduct tests with the Hybrid was the first time in England later in 2010

New Best Cars Models For 2011

chevrolet cruze red 2010
Year 2010 approached. For many companies, automakers, this is a moment in determining the success of their latest products to sell to the public. Ten MSNBC version of the latest car models below include the various types of vehicles, ranging from mini cars to large family cars, each of which represents the uniqueness of its own.

1. Buick Regal
The new Regal has a more slender body and tight compared to its predecessor model that impressed soft. With four-cylinder engine equipped Turbocharge features, the car will compete with the Acura TSX car class. Power of 220 horsepower cars that have traveled 48 miles by one gallon of fuel will be present in the summer of 2010.

2. Chevrolet Cruze
Chevrolet trying to become a known brand car in a globalized world, such as Ford and Toyota. To achieve this goal, General Motors has developed several models and introduced it to the entire world. Chevrolet Cruze is expected to be the better car than its predecessor model Chevy.
red buick regal 2010
3. Chevrolet Volt
The car that had been waiting for this moment to touch the market between Thanksgiving and Christmas day 2010. But unfortunately, this car is only sold exclusively for residents of California, the United States alone. Although to be released in other countries in 2011, only California community are able to fill the power of this new car at his house and drove as far as 64 miles without gasoline.
GM plans to build 3000 units in the first quarter 2011 Volts, 8000 up to 10 000 in the year, and 50 000 up to 6000 thereafter. GM's biggest concern is the public reaction to this price can not be determined.

4. Ford S-Max
S-Max is included in this type of multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) which is similar to a sports utility vehicle (SUV) in the U.S.. S-Max 2010 European version is equipped with diesel engines, while the U.S. version will use a four-cylinder engine with berturbocharge EcoBosst. The car that looks similar to the Honda Stream will be present with the contemporary urban elements.
fords max 6667 2010 silver
5. Ford Fiesta
Through the Ford Fiesta, Ford's president Allan Mullay Ford plans to make as a company that has a big name in the small car market. This car really has been developed during the Fiesta Mullaly decided to release to the foreign market. He plans to replace some parts like lights and bumpers for entry into the U.S. market. Earlier in 2009, the Fiesta model has sold half a million units in several countries. Cars with this captivating design able to climb 64 miles per gallon.

6. Honda CR-Z
Honda so far has a good reputation for its products. Honda's car production to produce such efficient cars Cars Civic CRX. Right now Honda to try their luck with the latest concept car models, namely the CR-Z, 2011. This latest concept car uses a 1.5 liter gas engine assisted by an electric motor and adapted to a six-speed manual transmission, so consumers feel enthusiastic while driving.

7. Hyundai Sonata
After years of popularity a V6 engine, Hyundai now testing a family sedan that offers four-cylinder engine. This four-cylinder engine gives greater satisfaction than the V6. Horsepower at the engine power is expected to generate an adjusted 35 mpg with six-speed automatic transmission while on the road. New Sonata will be launched in January next, with a turbocharged version of the hybrid.
2011-Chevrolet-Cruze-picture image
8. Mazda 2011
Mazda Motor Company will soon launch its latest car models degan stylish, sleek, and slender. And make the United States consumers lust after cars is immediately circulated there. This car will be powered by a 1.5-liter engine when it arrives in dealerships in late summer 2010.

9. Nissan Leaf
Nissan will start launching its products, namely Nissan menawrkan Leaf with electric-powered cars. Initial inventory will be limited, but Nissan promises to boost production levels. This car will not fall much more expensive than other cars. Price for lithium ion battery packs, the Nissan was the pioneer of innovative financing schemes, which will reduce the cost of the car. Didalamnnya Computer Systems will assist the driver in the refueling track location within range of 100 miles.
s_max_dash 2010
10. Toyota Sienna
Americans tend to still like the production of big cars to transport their family, friends, and equipment. Toyota is preparing for its new product, namely Toyoyta Sienna, a minivan that offers luxury features and saving in the form of four-cylinder engine. The standard engine used is a V6. It gives good strength, but it gives fuel savings a bit better than some V8 model. Sienna with a capacity of 2.7 liters can not pull a trailer, but can provide an estimate of the EPA, 26 mpg on the highway when in action. February 2011, Sienna certainly arrive at dealerships. (Job)

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Norton Featherbed

Something you don't see very often. A Norton Featherbed frame with an actual Norton engine in it!!

Good lord. This is just sooooo wrong....

Sorry. I love bikes and all that but this is too much. You're just going to have to go to Jalopnik to read "the rest of the story" on this one.

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Ducati 900 Supersport Desmo

Reader Ride! One hell of a custom Yamaha SR500!

Mike C sends in these pics of his stunning SR500 custom.  As a person who's been known to overbuild a few small CC bikes myself I really like this.

Mike includes his build sheet:

Here are some snaps of my 1978 Yamaha SR 500, hope you like them:
Front forks:'94 GSXR 750
Front 'fairing': Modified aftermarket fiberglass Yamaha R6 front fender
Headlights: Modified 18 wheeler back-up lights
Wheels: '94 Yamaha FZR600
Rear monoshock: '94 Yamaha RZ350
Muffler: Modified Toyoya Camry resonator (center section from a Harley, front section is a Kerker).
Oil cooler: Shop class project a buddy made for me
Front master cylinder & clutch lever: Honda CBR 900
Rear master cylinder: Honda CBR 600
Rear brake caliper: '94 Kawasaki ZX 750
Chin fairing: Home made fiberglass copy of RZ 350 part
Vapor catch tank: Modified reciever/dryer from Camry ac system
Kick starter: Yamaha XS 650
Tail piece: Fiberglass home-brew
Rear fender; Fiberglass home-brew
Gas cap: Yamaha YSR 50
Tailight; Marker light I 'borrowed' from a school bus
Seat is a cut down stocker using a upper shock mount at the rear
Speedo; Yamaha RZ 350
Mag cover: Kedo in Germany
Oil filter cover; Motolana Thailand
Cam chain adjuster cover; I forget the company name, but it came from New Zealand
Rear sets;Home-brew combo of the old buddy pegs from my '85 GSXR 750 and some nice alloy stock I found in a parking lot =-)
Bar end mirrors; Metal copies of some I found at a bicycle shop
Motor running early TT500 points type ignition & magnetto lighting
Voltage regulator from a snowmobile
Etc., Etc., Etc......
If you like, you can follow these links for more:

Thanks for your time ......Mike C.

Great Stuff.  Thanks Much for the pics and info!

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1937 Rudge Special!

Sorry Eddy.  Thanks SuzukiJoe...

I don't know anyrhing about this bike but I love the look.

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Insane Triple Engine Yamaha R5 (based) 2-stroke Drag Racer!!!

From Suzukijoe's visit to Willow Springs.

Reader Ride. Stunning Ducati Sport 1000.

Thank you again Fabio!

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Another outstanding CB550.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Beautiful Triton.

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Kawasaki 650 - ninja 650r or klr 650?

If you want to buy kawasaki 650, there are 2 option from kawasaki motorcycles, kawasaki ninja 650r and kawasaki klr 650. We must choose a motorcycle in accordance with our needs. Kawasaki ninja 650r and klr 650 is very different, both types of motorcycles are made for 2 different needs, ninja 650r specially made for the street, while the klr is more useful in mountainous or rural areas. design of both motorcycles is also very different, if the ninja 650r appear shorter, while the klr 650 more higher.

if I had to choose between a ninja 650r and klr 650, klr 650 would i choose, why I chose klr? because the way i often go through a rural road, the road such as this requires a good suspension, and klr 650 has an excellent suspension and it is suitable for areas such as my.
ninja 650r created for motorcyclists who like to speed, to take a ninja 650r and feel we have to go through a good road, ninja 650r may be uncomfortable if not through a lot of roads with rocks, right? Both of motorcycles actually has almost the same engine capacity, which is between 650cc, but clearly they are different, so what are your options? customize to your needs... have fun ..

2 Motorcycles for Women - Kawasaki Ninja 250r and Kawasaki Ninja 500r

2 Motorcycles for Women - Kawasaki Ninja 250r and Kawasaki Ninja 500r, I know that motorcycles for women is very confuse to chose, but i found the great article from Ok but i want talk about two Kawasaki Ninja, yeah they are kawasaki ninja 250r and kawasaki ninja 500r. You know that kawasaki ninja 250r is very popular beginner motorcycles in America and Europe, so from this, we can see that kawasaki ninja 250r is the perfect motorcycles for women, the ninja 250r is designed for beginner rider or woman who want to take a good ride, of course because the kawasaki ninja 250r only have 250cc of engine displacement..

What about Kawasaki Ninja 500R? i thing this is almost same with ninja 250r, but kawasaki ninja 500r have more power with 500cc of engine displacement. You can chose ninja 500r after you can ride ninja 250r ^_^,

there is many motorcycles for women, but i like kawasaki, why? because it's more beautiful, yeah great design and the power is not to high, it's almost perfect ride for woman..

Ninja ZZR 600 - Kawasaki Ninja ZZR Series

2008 Ninja ZZR 600 - Kawasaki Ninja ZZR Series : a lot of Kawasaki Ninja 600cc variant there are Ninja zzr600, Ninja zx-6r, Ninja er-6n and more. Who is the best? try it.. ^_^ but there is the truth, Kawasaki Ninja ZZR 600 look like for Sport touring Motorcycles. Kawasaki always give many variant for us and i like it.. so.. back to topic and let see more for basic 2008 kawasaki ninja zzr600. This is from kawasaki official website.

Kawasaki Ninja ZZR600 Specification :
Engine Four-stroke DOHC inline four, 16 valves
Displacement 599cc
Starting System Electric
Bore x stroke 66.0 x 43.8mm
Compression ratio 12.8:1
Cooling System Liquid
Carburetion (4) Mikuni BDSR 36R
Ignition Digital
Transmission Six speed
Final drive Chain
Frame Type Aluminum perimeter design
Rake/Trail 23.5 degrees / 3.7 in.
Front suspension / wheel travel 46mm Cartridge Front Fork, fully adjustable / 4.7 in.
Rear suspension / wheel travel UNI-TRAK® rear linkage, 20-way compression and rebound damping, ride height adjustment / 5.3 in.
Front Tire Size 120/65ZR17
Rear Tire Size 180/55ZR17
Front brakes 300mm dual hydraulic disc with six-piston calipers
Rear Brakes Single 220mm disc with single-piston caliper
Overall length 79.9 in.
Overall width 28.7 in.
Overall height 46.3 in.
Seat height 32.3 in.
Ground clearance 5.7 in.
Dry weight 377 lbs.
Wheelbase 55.1 in.
Fuel capacity 4.8 gal.
Color choices Ebony or Candy Plasma Blue
Good Times™ Protection Plan 12, 24, 36 or 48 months
Warranty 12 Months

Important thing for Ninja ZZR 600:
1. DOCH Technology
2. 16 Valve
3. 599cc
4. Liquid Cooled, and :
5. Digital Ignition

2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS - The Kawasaki Supersport

2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS - Today, Kawasaki have more motorcycles on Supersport class, one of them is 2010 Kawasaki Concours 14. Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS used 1,352 of engine displacement, four stroke, DOCH technology, liquid cooled, and four valve per cylinder with inline-four with VVT. 2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS also used fuel injection !! Look more closed, I thing the Concours 14 is more huge than Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R or Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R. This mean, Kawasaki Concours is perfect ride for touring.

2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS Specifications
Engine Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC, four valve per cylinder, inline-four with VVT
Displacement 1,352 cc
Bore x Stroke 84.0 x 61.0mm
Maximum Torque 102.0 lb-ft @ 6,200 rpm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Fuel System Digital Fuel Injection w/ 40mm throttle bodies
Ignition TCBI with Digital Advance
Transmission 6-Speed
Final Drive Tetra-Lever shaft drive
Rake/Trail 26.1 degrees/4.4 in.
Front Tire Size 120/70 ZR-17
Rear Tire Size 190/50 ZR-17
Front Suspension / wheel travel 43mm inverted, telescopic fork with adjustable rebound damping and spring preload / 4.4 in.
Rear Suspension / wheel travel Tetra-Lever with stepless rebound damping adjustment and remote spring preload adjuster / 5.4 in.
Front Brakes Dual floating 310mm petal discs with four-piston calipers (optional ABS)
Rear Brakes Single 270mm petal disc
Fuel Capacity 5.8 gal.
Seat Height 32.1"
Curb Weight 679.1 lbs.
Wheelbase 59.8
Overall Length 89.4 in.
Overall height windscreen min / windscreen max 50.8/55.3
Overall width at handlebars / at saddlebags 30.7 in. / 39.4 in.
Color Choices Candy Neptune Blue/Flat Super Black
Warranty 36 Months
Good Times™ Protection Plan 12, 24 or 36 months
*Note: Specifications and pricing are subject to change.
[kawasaki official website]

I know that if we want to buy Motorcycles, we must to know more about Motorcycles that we want to buy.. So if you like Supersport motorcycles, The 2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 Abs is one of the best choice..

Suzuki GSX-R1000 2010

In the world of sportsbike, the revealing of new Suzuki GSX-R1000, each year, is a rather important occasion. Reduced weight, more power, more electronics (to arm without risk all this power.), greater/uglier exhausts and new colors (some of which can really be completely bad).
This little of things more or less summarizes what we count again GSX-R1000s each year.

Suzuki GSX-R1000 obtains a lighter, a more compact 999cc in line-four, which provides more power and of couple and offers the answer increased of power control through the whole range of the T/MN of the engine. The engine of K9 GSX-R1000 is now more oversquare that front, and the compression ratio also went to the top of 12.5:1 at 12.8: 1.

For those which can be interested, here a ton of technical details: New engine GSX-R1000 the spark plugs uses larger titanic valves, forged pistons, granulated conrods, of iridium lighting (for a stronger spark, because a better combustion) and the electrochemical plated cylinders composed of the material of Suzuki (SCEM) integrated in the casing of crankshaft, reducing friction and improving the transfer of heat, the longevity and the joint of ring.

New, 12 fuel injectors of hole produce a finer fuel fog for a more complete combustion, reducing the fuel consumption and the emissions of exhaust. And like front, the choice with push-button of offers of selector of mode of drive of Suzuki (S-DMS) of three arrangements of execution to adapt in states of horsemanship and personal tastes. However, the switch was now replaced on the left module of ordering of handlebar.

The clutch out of back-couple-limiting device actuated by cable led to the effective operation of clutch with the superb feeling, Suzuki complaint. And the new exhaust advanced by Suzuki (SAES) employs a room of under-engine and a titanic turn MotoGP-inspired low-launched and of broad volume of mufflersTo, us 'on the subject sour of K9 GSX-R1000 is brilliant as never. But name-wise, we wish that Suzuki do something radically new. the footing of GSX-R1000 either 10mm shorter, the swingarm or 33mm longer, for handling at improved high speed. The reinforcement of the twin-member of the bicycle is made five mould sections, joint with an arched swingarm makes in three frames and subframe back run under pressure of only one part. The large one before piston (BPF) forks, with a resistance-race-proven design, provides superb feedback and the significant and stable operation, and is very light.

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