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2009 Honda CBR125R Motorcycle

2009 Honda CBR125R Black Series2009 Honda CBR125R Black Series

2009 Honda CBR125R 2009 Honda CBR125R

2009 Honda CBR125R Sport Bike2009 Honda CBR125R Sport Bike

2009 Suzuki B-King Best Pictures

2009 Suzuki B-King Fighting Sport2009 Suzuki B-King Fighting Sport

2009 Suzuki B-King Best Picture2009 Suzuki B-King Best Picture

2009 Suzuki B-King Headlight2009 Suzuki B-King Headlight

2009 Suzuki B-King Wallpaper2009 Suzuki B-King Wallpaper

2009 Suzuki B-King White Series2009 Suzuki B-King White Series

2009 MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR Wallpapers

2009 MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR Sport Bike2009 MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR Sport Bike

2009 MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR Sexy Girl2009 MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR Sexy Girl

2009 MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR Wallpaper2009 MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR Wallpaper

2009 MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR Picture2009 MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR Picture

Suzuki Rockstar Hayabusa Wallpaper

Suzuki Rockstar Hayabusa Top PictureSuzuki Rockstar Hayabusa Top Picture

Suzuki Rockstar Hayabusa Special EditionSuzuki Rockstar Hayabusa Special Edition

2009 Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory

2009 Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory Wallpaper2009 Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory Wallpaper

2009 Aprilia RSV 1000 R Rear2009 Aprilia RSV 1000 R Rear

2009 Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory Picture2009 Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory Picture

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Honda Tiger Modifikasi Sport Dari Malang

Honda Tiger Modifikasi Sport Dari MalangGambar Honda Tiger Modifikasi Sport Dari Malang

"The concept is born out of pure instinct with the theme street fighter 'that reflects the true manhood," Yudi open diamini Syaiful, the master. Initiate action, martial-belain Yudi long nginden a genuine head lights 1000RR Suzuki GSX-R from the capital.

While waiting for the arrival, doi began menjahili order especially tail frames that look too heavy. "Plate holder kepras joknya forced me so I can fully express themselves by designing a tapered tail body," immediately construct the dual seater tunjuknya rise in body area of this tail.

Moreover, the gas tank is designed with sporty escort puffy pair of dual cradle box which was imbued Shroud bersein nancep Supra neatly on the wall of the cradle box. Kelar up body styling design, the legs simultaneously dipergagah dipolah back with legs applications fronted big profile tread width rim.

Mengkamuflase bottom orsinya, Yudi make the front fenders widened to cover the side walls of bottom cover, "Itung-itung MotoGP-style kayak," says Syaiful.

Kelar the long-awaited come, finally GSXR lamp unit is mounted immediately in front of the triple macho T. "The installation application imbuhi wajin I'll relay the light beam can stun the maximum without having to drain the battery" lid Yudi.

VELG : Takazawa, BAN : IRC & Swallow, STANG : Ninja R, ARM : Handmade, MONOSOK : YSS, DISC DPN : PSM, KALIPER DPN : Brembo 4 Piston, CAKRAM BLK : Satria, HANDLE : Ride It, CDI : BRT, KNALPOT : Nobi Trioval, MODIFIKATOR : Echa Fiberglass Custom, Jl.Sapto Raya Wendit Pakis RT 01 RW 09 Malang by Yudi Triawan (0341-6566077)

Modif Honda CS-1 Sport from Pati

Modif Honda CS-1 Sport from Pati
Gambar Modif Honda CS-1 Sport from Pati

You could say the original look of the CS-1 Honda dijahilin difficult, but such an assumption is flatly ignored by Hasruloh. Doi pede ngegandeng Modified besutannya to TJ who berworkshop in numbers Jl. Sacred Ganesha first to be reformed so much more macho.

"I just want to prove it if Honda CS-1 can also be dimodif looks more muscular," explained Hasrul.

For the election suggested that it looks Teje concept must refer to the concept of identity stripped sporty Honda CS-1, cash and clothes shall be replaced dilengserin total full outfit complete with a camouflage tank fairing using fiberglass base material.

"To get a form that precession I first sketch orinya body contour tracing, so the more plek deh by the original order," explained builder berputri this one.

Let the more muscular legs sector kudu apply pair up grade kindergarten Alloy rims wrapped in rubber Mizzle to add pretentious macho look forward too follow-up replaced with up-side down Ride It.

Kelar pendempulanpun process for new clothes so the main priority for Teje, in order to obtain the final result with the maximum offset Alfagloss 4-layer epoxy spray.

Hasrul color selection is still wearing the red color of vehicle registration in accordance with the brush of water sweetened with sharp graphics, so the more secure when using that slide in the city center. "The legs bekalan diperkekar in the next project," lid Hasrul. Andre

Ban dpn/blk : Mizzle 250/275-17, Bodi set : Fiber Custom by Teje, Spatbor dpn: Ninja 250, Pelek dpn: TK Alloy, Cat/clear : Blinken/Auto Gllow, Modifikator : TJ Modified Jl.Ganesha 1 (Samping SMEAN 1) Kudus

Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 2004 dari Lamongan

Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 2004 dari LamonganFoto Modifikasi Kawasaki Ninja 2004 dari Lamongan

MODIF concept adopted version of the Honda CRF 125 2010. Tank fender design more streamlined body, as well as the rear fender, more to the special design Italian engine.

Affairs of the cradle of clothes, a central point using a base Ninja've met. "Only adherents to the slope of the delta box, there we all help make the bracket plate wearing tank galvanized strip 4.2 mm," detailed Ayung. Pools between the engine and the tank became more tightly and densely impressed.

For the formation of the slope angle seat, fenders and fenders aft so much easier because immediately following the angle of the tank. But it must be supported with the addition berpenampang subframe of a square plate to lift the aft body. "Because, the sub frame Ninja orsi lower part of the stern," said the warm buff.

Sector ciamik legs, ass up side down front of a special model 125 cc engine Scot product. The same with the swing arm design with KTM viscous products output also equipped with a system Scot Unitrack.

As a result, the installation of monosok who picked from YZ-125 2007 version, so much easier despite starting 45 cm dimensions. Details terkonsep workmanship, also shown in the use of selected Tromol KTM 125. Scot Excel wheels juxtaposed 160-21 and 185-18, entwined and Kenda 80/100-21 100/100-18 Budos Creek.

Ergonomic Affairs, imitation trail that will dikebut to Lamongan was supported fat bar complete with 3 cm Raiser Scot products, as well as adjustable foot step which brought forward two centimeters. "Indeed I am preparing Tikung ripe for cutting forests, Samben and Nguwok, Lamongan known malignant," she exclaimed.

Sok depan: Scot, Lengan ayun : Scot, Monosok : YZ-125, Bodi set : Honda CRF 125 Scot,
Stang kemudi: Fat bar Scot, Velg : Scot Excel 160-21 & 185-18, Ban : Kenda Budos Creek 80/100-21 & 100/100-18, Foot step: Variasi adjustable, Cover head : Alien supermoto, Modifikator : RPM, Jl. Kalibutuh 131, Surabaya

Modif GL PRO NEO Tech Jadi KTM 690 Stunt (Konsep)

Modif GL PRO NEO Tech Jadi KTM 690 Stunt (Konsep)Modif GL PRO NEO Tech Jadi KTM 690 Stunt (Konsep)

Home creators MODIF "GDZH a Custom Cycle" Jombang released works based tergressnya Honda GL Pro '05 neotech yard besutan Maji pride of Pacet Mojokerto.

As usual, these works were also reap Anyar sensation like the earlier works. No one contests the jury when the team's biggest MODIF Indonesia, HOCS reward with first-class champions trophy sports cool MODIF in Malang series HOCS ago. team

KTM 690 Stunt Concept
It must be admitted if the instinct MODIF really sharp sharpened by Ghondezh, doi very real gape in determining whether a theme MODIF rare and never even glimpsed even by other creators.

Like this time, the official doi KTM 690 Stunt refreshed concept, the concept of free style motor radicals released a prime manufacturer of the motor giant's world of Austria in 2008 ago. "His features are not only futuristic but also very macho, fitted with a request brothers Muji," said Ghondezh.

Since the design of the KTM 690 Stunt relatively minimalist, visualization element legs certainly affect the harmony of universal. Hence the application touches the feet of the former waste moge deemed fit to bear the image of sporty 'n futuristiknya.

"I do not think pake long, front-end unit I cangkoki product up-side down Aprilia RS 125 which belongs to the more futuristic with my swing arm unit of Cagiva Mito full kevlar-carbon," said Ghondezh. Improving the look, Tromol setnya also dicangkoki Tromol ex. trail bike build up complete with discs and disc calipers and Brembonya Beringer tattoos.

Trellis frame knock down
Do not want to lose his cool mascot than KTM chief designer Gerald Kiska, Gondezh Trellis frame construction was designed that flanked the standard GL engine. Made from a tubular gas pipe, construction Trellis frame has been intentionally constructed knock down alias pairs to facilitate the adjustment of loading and unloading machine pairs.

"Unfortunately, I do not have time to make crash bars around the engine, so I created the form of engine replacement engine guard protective plate made of 1.2 mm" said Ghondezh.

Standard design reflects the concept of a true motorcycle stuntman, also designed the construction Ghondezh scrape the bar right at the tip of tail units. "Application to support action 90 degree wheelie, I made a thick strip of iron material," pointed Ghondezh. The installation must strongly connected to the pipe to the rear to get full power.

FULL BODY galvanized
KTM 690 Stunt Maternity actual figure, all out body parts design and build of 0.8 mm galvanized plate material with completion of applications lighted visor face with my Revo a sporty visor melted Endurance trail looking out.

"What really must be taken into account is how to get the most appropriate measure of body dimensions in order to stunt-bike positioning it can really get the perfect" close-bike stunt Ghondezh support his positioning with a stake handlebar slips dirt bike handle bars.

Spesifikasi Modifikasi
FRONT END : Aprilia RS 125, TROMOL SET : Trail, KALIPER SET : Beringer & Brembo, SWING ARM : Cagiva Mito Kevlar Edition, MONOSOK : YSS Racing, VELG : Osaki, BAN : Dunlop, EXHAUST : AHRS F4, STANG : KTC, TOTAL : Rp.15 Juta, MODIFIKATOR : GDZH Custom Cycle, Jl.Gubernur Suryo IV/B-17 Jombang by Ghondezh (0321-860040/081803030093)

Modifikasi Bajaj Pulsar 2000 Sporty Style

Modifikasi Bajaj Pulsar 2000 Sporty StyleGambar Modifikasi Bajaj Pulsar 2000 Sporty Style

Components updated with the suspension legs qualified. Sok fronted up-side down the front of Taiwan non brand, complete with triangle top underneath. From the manufacturer, cuman researched for Tiger. "So when dikanibal in the Pulsar, the holder of a triangle as komstir must be enlarged more to follow as komstir Pulsar diameter greater than us komstir Tiger," explained Hendro.

Similarly, the model banana swing arm, originally meant for Tiger. By construction have in common, ie swinging arm flanking the framework. "To play as his front wheel is symmetrical we just add the rear ring of 1 mm and 2 mm left to the right on the side of the arm swing," Nino pointed Anugerah Motor mechanic.

Reflection of the suspension that qualified, entrusted to the short dimension YSS 28 cm. "Because, holder monosok adopt the conventional model does not use his position more popped Unitrack and so fitting disposable 28 cm," said Mahfud an indicator of Koso's apply.

Not only that, the device also declared the best discs of 32 cm Tacobell floating calipers with master Beringer. "To get a more compact caliper arms, the configuration of the brake hose from naple dicabang master directly. So out of two hoses brake master directly, "explained Nino.

Wheels pengelinding, selected profiles to fit the slightly larger twin engine spark Pulsar character. Swallow wear front and back in front and 120/70-17 size 160/60-17, flanking the wheel profile Okinawa 300-17, and 400-17.

For additional accessories, exhaust apply Mahfud cc GSX-R600 secondhand dibandrol 4 million from Jakarta. Who's head picked up variations Hayabusa lamp, side by side with TDH Sein and Acerbis handguard. Shhh under the engine, let the more densely added V-Ixion owned radiator.

Knalpot : GSX-R600 cc, SOK DPN : Up side down, CAKRAM DPN ; Tacobell, MASTER / KALIPER DPN ; Beringer / Ride It, SWINGARM : Banana Arm, SOK BLK : YSS, CAKRAM BLK ; Tacobell, KALIPER / MASTER : Beringer / TDR., BAN DPN : Swallow 120/70-17, BAN BLK : Swallow 160/60-17, Radiator : V-Ixion, LAMPU DPN: Hayabusa variasi, LAMPU SIGN ; TDH, FILTER UDARA / SPION : Koso, BIAYA MODIF : Rp 20 jutaan, LAMA MODIF : 2 bulan, MODIFIKATOR : Anugerah Motor - Jl. Raya Kedung Asem 113 Surabaya - 081-230472975.

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Honda CB 100 Japanese Style Custom Bike

Honda CB 100 Japanese Style Custom BikeHonda CB 100 Japanese Style Custom Bike

Construction or dimension of the Honda CB kudabesi so perfectly with the flow again japs-loved style. "Honestly, the idea of cultivating pure from me. But that was about it, about my progress to the builder Suswanto pasrahkan which was popular in the town of Purwokerto mendoan, "explained resident Sand Teguh Pambudi Wetan Purwokerto.

Viscous characteristics Japs look tough on the body posture, began to tank handmade, variations round headlights, driver seat and fender custom classic. "The tank is not original faces made birthday gift. That I make from scratch. Problem-scented clothing designed jadul mandatory, "said Suswanto, commander Billy Custom.

What about legs?. Adjust course made more gahar participate. "Abide with secured factory default and can not impressed matching funny," said Teguh Pambudi who work as civil servants Margono Navan General Hospital.

Reform as a value more evident in the presence of foot device having shockbreker Satria monosok escorted 120 swing arm is also handmade by Bill's Custom made of iron pipe box.

Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 125 Retro Style

Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 125 Retro StyleFoto Modifikasi Motor Honda CB 125 Retro Style

In the year 2010, one was released Franky slap together a special mascot based ceplokan '75 Honda CB125 and fruiting respectable degree, a class winner in the contest Xtreme modifications largest motorcycle in Indonesia, Bandung HOCS 2010 series. tito

If the previous Franky Tracker concentrate fully on stream Jap's Style, this time challenging gawe doi have to glance at the old school flow, "want to maximize the flow of creative ideas with the expansion of Jap's old school chopper style" she said.

Handmade knock down FRAME
Leaving only a slab kitchen runway, Franky dewe full design build construction of the chassis. Main frame construction frame is designed like the Honda Tiger, but with custominasi dimension which must increasingly rising, particularly in the area fired back bone one quarter of the gas pipeline is supported also dim down tube elongation.

Penetrated sub-frame, three-quarters of the gas pipeline dimmer dual seater tube gives a chance as well as mounting bracket rigid pillars stake. Meanwhile arm gas pipeline is constructed from materials which now gives a chance a dim aka rigid rigid rigid stake berpenahan pillars of plate 2 cm. Uniquely, the sub frame can be disassembled with a pair of bolt connection to the main frame.

Bobber Wheels
Although relatively small universal dimension, but Franky is able to create prestige of his gallantry in the GL-pairs thanks to transplanted Bobber style legs. Both tire circumference 16 inchnya carrying a white wall rubber tires ex. Harley Davidson Road King, which was seized by a rim pairs of R-16 ex. Harley Davidson Sporster 883. The more old school aura kala cietnya device relies on the construction of a conventional brake drum brake sets were owned by Suzuki TS 125 trail.

AMAZING detailing
Special! Here he was the most captivating aspects of his' Jap's bike mainstay Franky. All accessories and body parts are dominated designnya golden color mixing results custom parts based on some side kuningan.Terlihat dikontrasi both in the golden glow of brass pedal kick starter, knop cover bolts, electric exhaust, foot pegs, hand grips, and that is the rear fender tercakep and box.

"Unless the rear fenders and box him, all part of this aseso I make with the lathe and freish, not to mention cute handlebar riser that I create with inspiration riser Todd's old school work of the Cycle California" said Franky.

Embossed Rear Fender & BOX
Try to observe more detail fender stern and oval box below seater leather, full creative with 3D embossed texture that forms a matching batik tattoo glitternya pink tank of gas.

"Yup .. manufacture of high need patience coz after I make an oval box of fenders and a brass plate with conventional teter techniques, on the surface I create a negative pattern with silk screening techniques.

Furthermore, this box stabor and I dye in the liquid chemical to dissolve the surface of the HCL that are not covered brass negative patterns, the results of this area will be thinned because the brass grains dissolved in HCL. So after we entaskan, it will arise 3D beremboss pattern, "said Franky.

TROMOL SRT : TS 125, FORK : Eks.Moge, VELG : HD Stock Sporster 883, BAN : White Wall Metzeler & Dunlop 140/90-16, SILINDER SET : Honda Phantom, MODIFIKATOR : Yasashi Garage, Jl.Lodaya 26 Bandung by Franky Yasashii, (022) 91545160

Modifikasi Honda GL Max Gaya Retro

Modifikasi Honda GL Max Gaya Retro
Form of the legendary Honda motorcycle, according to Anwar, the owner will still be liked and not be timeless. Though younger than motor-based Honda GL-Max, even-looking re CB dirupa applications thanks to the tank, side cover and rear fender of the Honda CB orsi.

"For the pair had to cut back the tip of the framework in order to obtain the appropriate dimensions," Roby said the modifier. Sector body felt was appropriate heart, turn the legs shall appear sturdy.

Airs next big Honda CBR 400 applications with a lathe as komstir to re-installation, TDR supported tread width of a rim holding Tromol Kawak variations in front and Tromol Ninja-style trail behind.

"Let me even more ferocious power of the engine, engine block header, karbu, transmissions, pistons installed Tiger belongs to the valve Honda Honda Cielo'll be able to bloat his young brother on the street," said modifier of specialist machines that also do not forget to put your headlights are another variation of HD " ins "among CB-mania.

SOK DEPAN: Honda CBR 400, SOK BELAKANG: Honda Tiger, VELG: TDR 350/17-400/17, BAN: IRC 80/90/17-SWALLOW 100/80/17, TROMOL DEPAN: Variasi by Kumis, TROMOL BELAKANG: Trail Custom, KALIPER: Brembo. MODIFIKATOR: Robby Speed, Ngagel Rejo Gg.01/04 Surabaya (031-60622796)

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Compaction Yamaha Byson vs New Honda Megapro 2010: Review

Compaction Yamaha Byson vs New Honda Megapro 2010: ReviewInteresting after seeing the presentation of each manufacturer to 2 (two) new model 150cc class of motor sport. Byson is Yamaha and Honda New Megapro. Especially when we chance to test ride on the second test these products and to link with the Indonesian consumer mindset and strategy both manufacturers. for comparison only bison and new yamaha honda megapro. vixion for another time.

From the Design

Yamaha Byson already applying the concept of a more muscular and are consistent with the results of my survey about sportz bike in 2007. It is characterized by features / characteristics using 41mm fork, a larger tank condoms, the use 120/70-17 rear tire. Whereas

New Honda Megapro trying to also compensate by providing greater Shroud just love tank is still relatively small. Also factor Shroud gray color is not the same color as the tank and this slightly reduces the effect of fracture. Seeing the design factor, it can be said that Yamaha Byson superior to Honda's New Megapro

Riding Style Position

Two motorcycle riding position has a different style ... and I see it as two different flow ...!
Compaction Yamaha Byson vs New Honda Megapro 2010: Review
Yamaha Byson using 'fat' bar 'look was more stout. Riding in style I like to bring similar Byson Yamaha brings Ducati Monster. For me personally it is not a problem, but for beginners must be a bit different. when interviewing a community of bikers from Yamaha, a bit of trouble and he thinks he is not fit to be taken daily. But for other bikers who have used the motor man, felt the incredible sensation, so here is very dependent of bikers riding style itself.

Compaction Yamaha Byson vs New Honda Megapro 2010: Review
In contrast to the New Honda Megapro, his riding style very Forgiveness aka really easy to ride. This is because a different form than the Yamaha handlebar Byson. Indeed, if asked to bring a sensation like moge not get on this bike. but for the daily traffic jams, like dark-skid, going here and there pharynx-buckling New Honda Megapro more easily controlled. If asked who is this factor that will excel? honestly i would say the consumer will be divided. since each consumer has a preference and individual needs. So if these factors according to the needs and desires of consumers.

Acceleration and Performance
Compaction Yamaha Byson vs New Honda Megapro 2010: Review
If you look at the spec / performance claim against the manufacturer of each motor as a second course something like this bike. However, when talking with fellow Bloggers testing.

Seen both in acceleration or performance of the New Honda Megapro looks more superior than the Yamaha Byson. New Honda Megapro acceleration is very responsive. it is suspected caused by several things, among others:
  1. material the use of lighter pistons and stronger
  2. the use of materials beyond the point of center of gravity which is lighter
  3. No use of catalytic converters are great.
So for this factor is Honda's New Megapro Byson superior to Yamaha.

Handling factor
Compaction Yamaha Byson vs New Honda Megapro 2010: Review
Talking about the handling, I think both are good enough. Pls help but asked WHO is more superior, superior Byson Could say Yamaha. I felt a degree of stability Which is more than the New Honda Megapro. Maybe this is not surprising given under the point of center of gravity placed Catalytic converter boxes weighing 5kg, so That the bike is more stable, Besides That the use of the size 120/70-17 rear tire looks increasingly solid in handling. Indeed the use of catalytic converters and tires size, must be paid by a relatively slower performance than on their competitors on Is the New Honda Megapro.

Price or Value Factor

Despite the difference in price but the value looks relatively balanced between New Honda Megapro with Yamaha Byson. Although slightly more expensive Yamaha Byson, but obtained a catalytic converter that can not be considered cheap, and then obtain a wide fork and rear tubeless tires are wider. Conversely Honda New Megapro also offers features that have rear brake disc brake, shutter key to safer, superior acceleration and more ready availability of goods.

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Honda CB 100 Monster | CB Scorpio From Blitar | MOTORCYCLE MODIFICATION

Honda CB 100 Monster | CB Scorpio From Blitar | MOTORCYCLE MODIFICATION
Honda CB Scorpio From Blitar

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Best Custom Modification Mio Soul Contest 2010

New Mio Soul Full Modification custom concept best low riders
Modifications Mio Soul 2010 Low Riders | Motor Yamaha Mio MODIF - Who says Yamaha Mio Soul can not appear hostile. Subagio from B Co, Cape Town, proved able to juggle the motor mount a similar concept. Modifications are done as very radical.
New Mio Soul Full Modification custom concept
Imagine, the original shape skutik production in 2010 was gone. In fact, it looks like a motorcycle concept. Subagio said wanted to launch his own works entirely different. "Indeed, the theme of sports skutik not new, but I still want to try to form his own," said Subagio.

Hence, he dismantle the entire body and create a new original with a galvanized plate material. When examined, the shape of the front like Jupiter MX135LC. Subagio also confirmed that he was imitating a duck ahead of Yamaha's models. "The MX is very sporty, fit with my concept," added the man from Malang is also a father with two children.
New Mio Soul Full Modification custom concept
Best Custom Modification Mio Soul Contest 2010
New Mio Soul Full Modification custom concept
Best Custom Modification Mio Soul Contest 2010
New Mio Soul Full Modification custom concept
Body traits reflected in the sharp MX Mio Soul. The front to rear tapering shape. In fact, the front seemed to want to gore because the handlebars like a horn.

Meanwhile, for the body, including the brave Bagio-perforated perforated design. "The concept of this will menimbulkasn modern impression and also definitely make people curious," said Bagio. However, it actually perforated display is not supported by the inside of a solid.
New Mio Soul Full Modification custom concept 2010

In addition, the standard wheelbase contrived Mio-retreat retreat retreat by installing a 15 cm long. In this way, the motor becomes look bigger, especially after custom wheels with up to 5 inches wide at the back. Trick wheels fit the width of it was delayed by Solo skutik Orbital wheel.
New Mio Soul Full Modification custom concept orbital whells
Best Custom Modification Mio Soul Orbital whell
New Mio Soul Full Modification Low riders concept
Best Custom Modification Mio Soul Contest 2010 Low riders Modif
New Mio Soul Full Modification 2010
Malang Mio Modification 2010

New Honda Revo Matic Injection 2010 No Modification

New Honda Revo Matic Injection 2010
SEE matic motor market is still very promising and the success of Honda's motorcycle products Revo, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) to take a spectacular step, namely to combine both and be the Honda AT Revo.

This is not a joke, because the new Honda motorcycle was introduced AT Revo on Tuesday (20 / 7), to strengthen the market penetration of AHM in the national motor. Mainstay weapon in this form of motorcycle technology Automatic Continuous Variable (CV-matic). Therefore, okay if we call it the Honda Revo Matic.

This is the first duck motorcycle in Indonesia using CV-matic technology that combines the reliability & motorcycle driving comfort and ease of driving an automatic transmission.

AT Revo Honda engine cooling system adopts double the CVT and air conditioning for cooling the engine room with the same oil as engine motorcycle. This system is effective to reduce the heat in the engine so the engine temperature remains stable, especially when the jam, and travel.

The position of holes for air cooling facing upwards thus reducing the risk of entry of water into the engine if the flood struck. 4 stroke 110 cc engine that embraces technology diusungnya EFT (Efficient & Low Friction Technology) which serves to minimize friction between engine components.
New Honda Revo Matic Injection 2010
New Honda revo matic 2010 Image
New Honda Revo Matic Injection 2010
Remarkably again, Revo Matic AT Honda engine is also equipped with a Fuel Injection system technology with the addition of new third generation O2 sensors and catalytic converters that will make the engine work more optimal and long lasting, more efficient fuel consumption and low exhaust gas emissions and meet the Euro standards 2.

President Director of PT AHM Yusuke Hori says that Honda is a pioneer in the development of CV-matic technology. Honda Revo AT's presence is one evidence of Honda's commitment to always deliver quality products with latest technology.

Executive Vice President Director of PT AHM Loman adding the launch of Honda Revo AT reflect the seriousness of AHM in presenting the latest technology in motorcycle sold in the country.

"After the release of Honda PCX technology has advanced, we now introduce AT Revo Honda motorcycle that combines the reliability and comfort drive skutik. We hope the motor CV-matic tech first in Indonesia could be well received by consumers," said Loman.

Honda Revo AT is designed to maintain the drive concept motorcycle that still puts this motorcycle front brake lever on right handlebar, the rear brake using the brake pedal on the right foot.
New Honda Revo Matic Injection 2010
With this concept, driving habits for a duck motorcycle users are expected to be maintained while the CV-matic technology will be able to optimize driving comfort.

You could say these motorcycles create consumer desire Honda faithful who want a vehicle with the beauty of ducks owned Revo design but has a way to operate a motor skutik as practical.

Honda AT Revo also comes with features previously only on the motor matic Honda, like a standard automatic side (side stand switch) that makes the machine can not be turned on when the next standard in the down position. It is also equipped with a brake lever lock, security lock equipped with an automatic magnetic contacts phosphorus (indiglow).

Honda Revo AT AHM market with a single choice of model Cast Wheel (CW) in a choice of three colors: black techno, techno violet, red techno with the price of Rp15, 8 million (on the road DKI Jakarta).

To test the robustness of products anyarnya, Tuesday (20 / 7) This test directly AHM Revo AT 10 units traveling from Jakarta to Bali, an estimated distance of 1700 km with route Jakarta-Bandung-Semarang-Surabaya and ended in Denpasar on the upcoming July 25 .

yamaha R1 subcribe

It's one of the most anticipated bikes of the year, and with all the hype that surrounds it , boosted hugely by Ben Spies' outstanding early success in World Superbike, I couldn't wait to ride the superbike. Feeling jaded suddenly felt very much a thing of the past!Seeing the R1 for the first time in the flesh didn't really get my heart racing. It's a decent looking bike for sure, but nothing exactly outstanding. Its aggressive 'face', build quality and general shape are all attractive, but I'm not sure whether there's enough different about it to turn heads.Fire it up and the unique growl from its pipes is unlike anything else on the market, though it is very similar to the noise made by one of the most famous race bikes out there , Valentino Rossi's M1 racebike. That shouldn't be any surprise really as the R1's 'crossplane' crankshaft has been inspired by the Italian's Grand Prix machine. The uneven firing order it generates is the reason the road bike sounds very similar to his racer. But more importantly, the crank arrangement is also why the R1 delivers its power in the special and very effective way it does.

Add more revs and that acceleration becomes harder, as the effort of all four pistons combines to deliver their real meat. On this year's R1 though, there's already a noticeably harder edge to the delivery at low revs. Not quite as strong or explosive as a big V-twin's, there's still definitely a tempered version of the immediacy typical of those engines in evidence. And thanks to the civilised manners, you can get on the power earlier and not fret about it. It's a truly superb engine that pulls with just the same useful strength in the rest of the gears. Make no mistake though, even though the motor might sound and feel lazy, it's always capable of making some serious speed.It's a sharp, yet friendly pick up that's easily good enough to fire the Yamaha strongly from a standstill, even considering the very tall first gear ratio.

Along with the distinctive sound and manners, the in line four still has the same rush when you do rev it a lot harder. And when the tacho hits 10,000rpm, suddenly all the lazy, easy-going performance is replaced by a very strong charge so typical of a four cylinder. There's a super-thrilling buzz on offer when you cane it this hard, and instantly creates a 'god, I love this bike' feeling. And that's the real beauty. The R1 might now have the shortest stroke engine in the big sportsbike class, but in no way is it peaky. It's utterly fantastic to sample at all rpm. And if you ever want or need to tame things a little, there's a three-position power mode switch that can alter the pace at which all the potential is delivered. 'A' is very sharp, 'Standard' is how I tried it virtually all the time, and 'B' is softer; useful to the less experienced or in poor weather.

Just as brilliant as the engine, is the Yamaha's chassis which seems to easily cope with all the horsepower the motor makes. Given just how potent it is, all components are expected to do a hell of a lot. But in the same, almost relaxed and highly commendable way the engine produces the goods, the chassis also lets you explore its considerable capabilities without ever generating any panic.

girl and yamaha motorcyle R1


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