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Kanzen Supermoto

Kanzen Supermoto

Kanzen Supermoto

Kanzen Supermoto
In the end of 2008 at Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2008, Kanzen shows their prototype of Roadwin 200 naked bike, which equipped with 200cc ,single cylinder, 2 valve engine (yes, only 2 valve). The show units are comes with air cooled & oil cooled version.

Kanzen Supermoto
It is a manufacturer MOTOR Kanzen still fairly new, but as a record producer of motor Kanzen is native to Indonesia. Despite most of the technology used is the result of reverse engenering from other manufacturers such as Honda and manufacturers from Korea and China but this is a worthy step kongrit thumbs up.

Kanzen Supermoto - Flood Technology

different from other products - especially the country of origin of products sunrise local assembly - where consumers often feel disadvantaged, especially in terms of value for money, product Kanzen this one can be a mirror of the local ATPM more established. Kanzen Supermoto comes with a variety of advantages especially in terms of features and functionality aspects. Starting from the double disc brakes, suspension monoshok, so hi mount exhaust.

Perfectly designed for use in Indonesia

After all, the name of technology from the outside is not necessarily going to fit on the condition of the country. That's one advantage Kanzen Taurus Supermoto than other products. Because of the existing features on Kanzen Supermoto is specifically designed for use in Indonesia. Advantages include:

Ground Clearence high and high-mount exhaust that would be very useful when have to cross a puddle of water during floods
Protection bar - is the framework of his French protectors iron exhaust of the engine and headers: mrgreen: its function is to prevent the engine and exhaust, police clash sleep or when driving down the road hole.
Roll bar rear - construction makes it easy when you want to install the box behind the Givi brand. Thereby increasing the motor haulage
Suspension Monoshock - Adding kesetabilan suspension travel and with a high enough Kanzen mambuat Supermoto able to maneuver in a bad way
Berkonfigurasi machine to sleep - the point is to facilitate the mechanical, especially when forced to be handled by the public workshop.
Double disc - in addition to simply beautify the display, enabling users to replace Kanzen KALIPER Supermoto and more immune from the slip phenomenon when submerged in water during floods.
No need to modify - for the bikers in this country feel less comfortable if the bike does not have features such as dual disc brakes, suspension Monoshock, wheel bolt to the hi-mount exhaust and Kanzen aware of it and menjadikanya as a standard feature.

Kanzen Supermoto - Motor Ok, lived her how cool ATPM

With a 120cc engine kapsitas produce mempu power by 10hp and 8.8 nm plus the price of its competitors under Kanzen Supermoto is not impossible can become the new standard motor products homeland. For that as consumers we are just waiting for the consistency of ATPMKanzen - Inti Kanzen Motor how seriously to take control of their national markets at least to be able to compete with the Kawasaki, Bajaj and TVS relatively still within realistic reach of Kanzen as national motor manufacturers of national pride.
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