Thursday, June 3, 2010

Modifikasi Motor Mio Soul

Modifikasi Motor Mio SoulModifikasi Motor Mio Soul

Modifikasi Motor Mio SoulModifikasi Motor Mio Soul

contest motor modifications, Tommy already was for food daily. Not surprisingly, Partner boss Motor Sport (MMS) Cimahi, West Java is famous because lumayan is active since 2003 to compete. And it is frequent displays of the unique and not a FOLLOWER.Included on the 2007 Yamaha Mio in the selection model airbrush. "Something new this time and we try to take the theme of love for Indonesia," said Tommy dengnan identical theme games like this. Dihadirkannya batik motifs on the Yamaha on the contest some time ago, quite unique.Saking unique, when asked batik motif of the area which, he gelagapan. "was looking for ideas of what Yogya Solo batik. The important effect of batik self". But overall, the selection color lines that fit together very basic body color is white.Dimodif including seats participate in a single seater that has a field that can be given the same motif. So, the Mio really berkonsep total batik.Besides been a saddle, as well as body. Step begins with the cover all the standard Mio Soul. "Bodi Soul before enlarged with fiber," says Tommy. How, connect a standard plastic body dengnan fiber. "Be more visible because of a patent have a connection. It also seemed to clean," he added.As the front cover, the size has become larger, but still visible proposional.Untuk rim, Tommy implementing a custom model of the car. The reason, want to get maximum tread width, so the front 4 inches wide and 5 inches back of the rim combined with the default. "Deliberately used to cross the original Mio enggak leaving the original character," Tommy firm. (Nurfil)
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