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Nih tampangnya si Marco Lucchinelli

Nih tampangnya si Scott russel

Carl Fogarty si legenda WSBK

Legenda baru WSBK Troy Bayliss

WSBK (superbike world) is the race which started from kebut2 in the form of the road and illegal betting by the drivers who motor2 riding bikes there .... And certainly not a duck .... WSBK approved by the FIM at the end of the 80s ... this championship the most crowded Open interest was in America .... but the originators are the People france ... they memplokamirkan race in October 1987 in paris, france .... when the congress Daytona International Speedway FIM's .... and WSBK official so Kejurdu in 1988 with the first series circuit at Donington Park in the UK .... and this series was won by an Italian named Marco Lucchinelli and who had also won the GP 500 in 1985 .... In 1988 WSBK World Champion Fred Merkel was an American and he won riding a Honda.

Here he looks the Marco Lucchinelli

Here he looks the Fred Merkel

The main purpose other than as a distributor racing WSBK wild taboo as race is a real (not the expensive all-round racing kayak yg Moto GP) with a motor which is usually used sehari2 by people who watch (if here is tantamount to road race) ... unfortunately the only popular WSBK mainland Europe and the United States alone ... because other countries do not consume too much moge.

WSBK never stop in Indonesia .... In the years 1994-1997 (the golden age of Sentul circuit) .... And the fact that our society is more interested by WSBK denunciatory 4 stroke engine .... Than denunciatory Gp 500 2 stroke engine ... and never had a championship WSBK distinguished world domination (like its time to win and hold Doohan or Rossi) compared with the moto GP ... .. Kawasaki riders ever world champion by Scott Russell in 1993 .... WSBK also have a legend that is Carl Forgaty .. who won 4 times world champion at WSBK years 1994-1995 and won again in 1998-1999 ... .. who wins the most dominant manufacturer in the Ducati WSBK .... with a record 11 times from a total of 17 times to win the race ... ..

Here he looks the Scott Russell

WSBK legend Carl Fogarty's

New Legend Troy Bayliss WSBK

Mastering WSBK ....

Differences with WSBK GP is:

- Complain 4 stroke engine from scratch

- Maximum capacity is 1000 cc (depending on the number of cylinders)

- 2-cylinder engine capacity between 800 cc - 1000 cc

- 3 & 4-cylinder engine capacity between 750 cc - 1000 cc

- Prohibited Bore-up

Motor-mass production which should go down

-Manufacturer may dihomologasi for racing by the FIM motor if production is 150 units .... And once there is a problem with one manufacturer who can not reach 150 units ... for more details at the click monggo

Dimodif-machine may like:

* Modif kem

* Exhaust must wear racing (decibel limit is 107 decibels)

* Valve abstinence modified material, size, and position

* Haram use of titanium (titanium may be used for bolts and nuts)

* Minimum Weight is: 165 kg

* Weight may be reduced by 1% of initial weight

Superbike is not too popular in Asia because Asia is not no market moge .... And there are interesting facts about Indonesia which can hold as stock WSBK Flammini Group (promoter WSBK) then 50% is controlled by Hutomo Mandala Putra ... or better known as Tommy Suharto weww ... .... cool ...

Indonesia never had a team and drivers in 1995 (So NGK only Doni grammar ever competed in WSS) the name of his team is a Suzuki rider duo Shell by mainstay:

- Indonesia: Dada Nugraha from Bandung

- Australia: Peter Godar

With this motor we had representatives in action ... just love the picture hard nyari his team racer +

riding a motorcycle with Suzuki GSX 750 .... hmm .... when we have a distinguished representative yah lg race in WSBK and WSS?

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