Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Honda Mega Pro Extreme Modification

Honda Mega Pro Extreme Modification
Honda Mega Pro extreme modification similar to the Ducati Monster. "Fairing that completely cover the entire body, not just half," explained Arno and Ardi from Amoba Fiber Planet that make this crazy idea. The form is similar to motor racing uses fiber material which is inspired by the Honda CBR400.

When Arno and Ardi asked, "All dicustom repeated by adjusting the stern of the pure form his own ideas,". As a large front fairing, it consists of three connections to be easy in the drafting process.

Recognized by the Arno when the figure did not look optimal motor. But he guarantees when dibesut remained stable even though the cover was so big. "Stay tabil due attention to grooves and holes are also made of the air," said Ardi.

Lattice of air in addition to a sufficient width to minimize air turbulence. In addition to sweeten the overall appearance. Including the flow of air into the engine so as not to overheat because of not wearing radiator moge like motor sport.

Gambot body that would have to be adjusted with lush legs as well. This was understood by both Arek Malang. Looks so great, "the standard front sokbreker closed disposable kondaom of metal and fiber. So it's more fat, "the story of both.

While the rim, both claimed to create your own custom alias. "Ngerol iron must be true to the straight path. The important thing is tread width. Unfortunately, jok design style sofa, inappropriate body shape. "In fact right now so we are not good for racing, yes," I Ardi.

But from the work of Arno and this one ought Ardi thumbs up is the selection of paint and graphics. Aware that bongsor motor body, so basically the color white was chosen. Airbrush strokes plus the effects of increasingly fat was eliminated again.

Front tire: Duro 110/60-17
Tyres rear: 190/50 x 17 Batlax
Front rim: Hand Made
Rear rim: Hand Made
Airs next: Custom
Sok back: YSS
Swing-arm: CBR400
Carburetor: RX-King
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