Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Honda Tiger Modification Aprilia FV2 Concept

Honda Tiger Modification Aprilia FV2 Concept

Honda Tiger Modification Aprilia FV2 Concept

Aprilia RS125 modification,super bike WALLPAPPERS

In Italy, Aprilia motorcycle FV2 still a draft. However, Aprilia headquarters Style Studio Miguel Galluzzi definitely surprised to see their concept motorcycle in Indonesia. Duplicate that of the 2001 Honda Tiger's Heri is constrained by Dave Saifullah Motor Concept (DMC) Sawangan, Depok. Perfecto said the country's Pizza.

Wardoyo emulate the positive things from the motor is not only a design concept. Look at the bottom of the tank next to the funnel. "The hole was functioning as an air path to the engine, so the kitchen will not heat race," said the builder of this well-built.

This hole is also surely not simply left open. But using such a small hole mosquito. "Wire serves to protect the dirt inside, like a pebble," continued the man was friendly.

Forms are also still adopting FV2 tank. Designs like this are not just unsightly, but also a comfortable ride. Of course to get this type of harmonization is not an easy matter, although the concept of taking inspiration from the motor.

Point of interest, or other focal point of attention in the Tiger was a decent thumbs up there on the Harmonization of colors. The choice is eye catching with the division of matching color. For example deltabox screen. "If followed the original, it was deltabox black screen, but not deemed suitable in this bike," the father of Aldi Wirya said as young as nine months.

Hence Deltabox using silver or silver color. Curve make it looks more visible light than dark colors. Of course, as an expert on word of plates, a little bulge will of increasingly show the skills he Had. "In Addition, adjusting the color screen to come swing arm," added the man was 28 years.

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