Friday, October 15, 2010

Modifications Suzuki Satria F-150 Custom Body | MOTORCYCLE MODIFICATION

Modifications Suzuki Satria F-150 Custom Body | MOTORCYCLE MODIFICATION
Just because the game strong body, making the identity of this cub is lost. In fact, Mugi Eling of Evolution Custom home modifications in Purwokerto, not the extreme chassis overhaul. Because, "Basic basic chassis has been good, living adjustments gambot bodi let more out," said Mugi.

So, just play the basic form of a duck to make it look more macho, without the need to change the construction of the legs. For example, on the front, wider use of materials made of fiberglass.

Including, the body also tends to select a design concept with the pointy sharp angle. Such forms are used to characterize the builder who hooked playing the Honda CB-100. "The dominant form of taper to make it look more dynamic. Including application of the model's headlights. Kan sporty tastes so much stronger.

Aesthetics and function are still Observed. Like the placement of lights attached to the front Sein squat in front of the body. This component is picked from Honda CS-1. Through this work, belonging to typical builder WHO always gives accent to his claim.

But, by the way, what brand name this bike? In order not curious, this bike Suzuki Satria F-150.
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