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First I want to apologize to fans of other brands of motor if there is a sentence that is less pleasing and so forth.
This paper is just my opinion about the Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 CC because I happened to have motornya.Kawasaki. Hmmm ... Maybe in Indonesia Kawasaki brand less popular than the Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki even.
But somehow, I first must have a motorcycle and drive it, I fell to the brand of choice is the Kawasaki.
My first motorhome Kaze R.
4 stroke motor duck highest capacity at that time (around 1995).
Not much I can tell because I drove the motor with standard conditions without much change.
What is certain is that bike I still have till now and has not gone down the engine at all, even changing canvas clutch was not.
Though starting from 2002 - now the motor is used to transport goods (tires motorcycle) in an amount not less.

Entering 1998, Alm. My dad offered me to replace the motorcycle.
I went straight to iyakan because it is a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle S (still wheel radius).
In that year, still very few people who use a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.
It was like climbing a luxury motor.
Each stop at a red light, people's eyes focused on my motorcycle, not to me: (
It was always the coolest man universal.
It's a very special motor in its class.
Experience I first raced with this bike, I nearly fell tumbling backward because it did not know the characteristics.
It is extraordinary strength.
7000 RPM down it feels like a regular motor, but 7000 RPM on my body felt like being pulled back, the motor ran like a demon.
When already know the characteristics of these motors, I never again speeding starting from 1st gear, I certainly start from second gear, if not definitely standing motor.

This engine is also very strong.
Until I sell these motors (June 2007), I never change the engine block and its contents.
It sounds a little change, a bit rough, but when the check dalamannya, no scratched / scuffed a bit.

My last modification of this motor are:
1. Rear Tire 150/70-17 BT45 R, Front 90/80-17 FDR XR
2. Rossy Rear wheel 2.50-17, Front 2.15-17 TK
3. Rear Disc
4. Rear Body taper lights vario
5. Headlights Satria FU
6. Digital tachometers
7. Brembo front brake master
8. Std karbu reamer 28
9. Silincer stainless (brand forgotten)
10. Stomach custom exhaust
11. Full frame black paint, candy blue body

This motor behavior of 11 million, of such height is measured from the year.
Sorry I did not have his picture, but if there are readers who are domiciled in Denpasar and see nopol B 4203 Ninja with FF, that's my ex-motorcycle.

Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 CC.
This is the motor that I desire so long.
Indeed I have always wanted to buy a motorcycle but I doubt it will be after-sales service.
But now is different, spareparts been easy for the can.
So I decided to upgrade my old bike.
Incidentally my Internet Marketing business is smoother and better financial condition so I do not be afraid to purchase these motors.
Got frustrated in determining the color of the motor.

First I was drawn in red.
But the colors are special colors and need additional money to get it.
When I had iyakan to add money, the Kawasaki is not even willing to provide these motors with a variety of reasons.
In Denpasar only 1 RR Kawasaki Ninja 150 CC red. Blessed are those who have a motor with these colors.

The second option falls into the color orange.
But when asked for opinions of others about the color orange, the answer is not much with the "motor postal pack."
I still do not mind about that title, but come to think of the color orange can make me get bored quickly and the colors are too much glare, could quickly evoke emotion.

A third option down to the color green.
Indeed, the green color that is very much chosen by lovers of Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 CC aka cheesy colors.
But after I think about it, the color green is the color characteristic of Kawasaki and in addition the green color is a soft color, no glare, and provide peace when to see it.
So my choice down to the color green.

Perhaps the reader to wonder, how come this guy weird color question.
Maybe for the uninitiated, the colors can give effect to our lives.
So for me it is important for determining the color of my life.

I can not give an opinion a lot about the motorcycle Kawasaki Ninja RR 150 CC because I'm very newbie in driving.
For sure this bike is the best bike I ever ride so far
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