Sunday, October 17, 2010

Modified Suzuki Satria F-150 Low Rider

Modified Suzuki Satria F-150 Low Rider
There are two forces that be the attraction of the modifications made Agus Ficdiyanto against Suzuki Satria F-150 2007 Benny's origin Sidoarjo. What is clear, rather than a flat-style super-low rider or rear wheel rim used car Honda Jazz which is often worn on a modified motor.

The strength of these modifications appear in the rear. First, single swing arm (swing arm). The design was constrained Alphasierra builders of single model. This concept is not a breakthrough, which became its advantages is its size 4x6 cm.

"Let me really looking for a strong pipeline with 3 mm thickness," Agus which have a modification workshop on Jl. West Asri Rangkut X/39, Surabaya. The design, according to Agus made similar pro Honda NSR SP arm, but not identical. Only the larger dimension because it will restrain the size of 5 inch car rims.

Another uniqueness into strength is a rear wheel braking system. Generally, the motor that already use a disc, gear shift position contrary to the chain. Well, Agus claim is precisely the same biting overdrive and near the outside.

This idea has become a challenge because it must be made holder that connects directly into overdrive. Not only that, calipers also have to get a good position and strong. The trick, plugging the end of the arm. "In addition to a strong position to hold the speed of discs, the display, caliper placement is so cool and fierce," said Agus.

While changes in the body, stuffed the middle of a set of audio. It Became more dense, but it looks Grim reduce Satria F-150.
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