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modif suzuki satria 150 vbeltSUZUKI SATRIA 150 BELT MODIFICATIONv belt suzuki satria modifv belt suzuki satria modifmodif satria v beltmodif satria v belt

It turned out that Bali is not just great to modify the low rider scooter with the flow. This time Agung Darma, builder The 6 Pe from Denpasar presenting his works Suzuki Supermoto and you certainly do not think that the base of the duck's Suzuki Satria 120R Pacung Nang. Remarkably, transfer of power to the rear wheels do not use chains.
v belt suzuki satria modifrantai satria v-belt

For the flow of road this tracker, Great use belts and pulleys to drive the rear wheels. Transfer system is more complicated because of the front gear connected to the sprocket chain is coupled with the front pulley of a given protective plate to protect them from dust and water. Then, a second sprocket mounted on the frame below.
modif satria v beltgambar modifikasi v-belt suzuki satria

Then, turning round to the back of larger diameter pulleys attached to the rear drum, relying v-belt. "Once the machine bergasing, first front gear pulley rotate the front wear chains with a ratio of 1:1. Then, the front pulley rotate the pulley diameter of 10 cm diameter 27 cm behind," said Agung.

Diameter of pulleys, according to club retainer GPS Bali, has been measured based on the circumference of the front and rear gear ratio is right with the engine power and weight of the motor. Hence, the motor still running good, meskipu damaged road conditions or uphill.

"Gaps in the belt pulley made about 3 mm and under tension belt tensioner stabilized Mitsubishi L300 car engine so as not to slip during the taxable belt hot, wet or dirty," said Agung.

Changing the gender of the duck so this motocross models, the framework also worked on road-style tracker for the composition is pretty good. Moreover, the chassis cradle type is already filled with waste sokbreker Yamaha YZ125 SE follows a triangle and wide handlebars HDS output.

The middle is filled body Yamaha YZ125 custom, although they had to reset the frame for the seat position and seat monosok can Kitaco center. As a result, his work was successfully champion a duck modification Bali One Heart Modification Contezt.

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