Monday, December 28, 2009

Gambar Modif Satria F 150 Streetfighter

Gambar Modif Satria F 150 Streetfighter
Gambar Modif Satria F 150 Streetfighter

You would not think that a modified motorcycle belonged to a 55-year-old grandfather. His name Suryana and flow modif rombakan results are to his satisfaction. Mean, people are following the correct Jakarta developments and trends modifications.

It was so, the base motor victim Suryana obsession is kind of a duck from Suzuki Satria F-150. To change the "sex" from the duck into "male model", he handed over the duck to Tauco Custom (TC) in the Sudirman, South Jakarta, is known for making such changes.

Topo Goedhel Atmodjo, skipper TC, dismantle the motor to follow his grandfather posture. Therefore, the motor was made not so high that the standard Monoshock still in use, including the original swing arm is only in-custom bit.

Meanwhile, the front suspension upside down model that he made to stay adjusted. Gas tank was also constrained to contain 6 liters. Display motor looks solid because there is a kind of pipe DELTABOX 1 / 2 inches.

According to the Suryana, comfortable handling motorcycle. Hence, he was sure and confident gush Satria F-150 as a daily drive to work in the field of writing.

These results because he can keep the wheel base, handle the model selection, and the rider with the seat position. Therefore, proper if Suryana satisfied.
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