Thursday, December 17, 2009

Retro Modifications of MIO

Modifications skubek certainly not shifted from the flow of low rider. Ceper, steering wheel and the expansion of tens of centimeters use velg wheel car. Meanwhile, Muhammad Sidik is out of the grip. 2007 Yamaha Mio artificial own shape is changed so the classic model.

Renovation is done with the body using body Fino. However, trends have emerged in 2007 alone. However, Sidik not concerned with people screaming. Yet, he has that motor. He even adds variation to support the motor keklasikan.

To turn a body replaced Mio Fino, Sidik pocket must grope around Rp 6 million. During the installation, Mio framework should be slightly modified. Because body Fino prepossess classic, various goods are smelly old stick in the body.

Habituate exhaust stem, taken from a Honda CB100 Sidik found in Kebun Jeruk III. Once installed, it looks okay and does not have the performance of the engine is still standard.

Because classic, on the back and front of the rack be. "If the front of their own pure design. Pakai 2 mm stainless steel," says Sidik. The shelves behind the variations that often mimic the Vespa community. "Classical and match the new body is bloated kayak body rada Vespa," continued the new bride.

View other classic model numbers appear on the police. Not hinder, but in line with sepatbor. Then, been the front windshield. Unique, if the first large size, here Sidik use small size and even look like visor. "Want to be different. So, with the visor as classic, but the sporty," ungkapnya.Ukuran and design must be tailored to the body shape is slightly rounded.
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