Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hydrogen Motorcycle Suzuki Custom Design

Hydrogen Motorcycle Suzuki Custom Design
Global warming resulting from use of fossil fuels that arouseexcessive number of parties does not nurani except Suzuki.Japanese manufacturer of automotive original news this center to prepare a bike-friendly environment that uses hydrogen as fuel.

Even Suzuki has also successfully created dikabarkan engine, so the friendly motor akan lingkunagn this can be mass produced. As quoted from autobloggreeen, Monday (25/5/2009), Suzuki with the Intelligent Energy for several years, it is developing the capacity and output of their engines hydrogen from 1 kW to 1.8 kW.
But the main problem faced was to create both fuel tanks that have a high level of security be calculated because the hydrogen has a very formidable force, but also high risk. Both are in fact have found the answer to that is using the fuel tank of a BMW, but the problem, international regulations in tank cars can not be legally dipalikasi on a motorcycle.
That's why Dennis Hayter of Intelligent Energy hopes his side can quickly create this baker tank material in the four months to the front so that this motor can go out to market in less than a year.

Motor hydrogen is planned to be released to the market price in the range of 8000 Euro or about U.S. $ 11,200. Is still expensive.
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