Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Modification Suzuki Satria F-150 Models Sport | MOTORCYCLE MODIFICATION

Modification Suzuki Satria F-150 Models Sport
Modification Suzuki Satria F-150 this. Imagine, Topo Goedhel Atmodjo from Tauco Custom (TC), so dare to change the shape of a duck into a sports model with a minimal use of body parts. With a few body parts that can demonstrate the ability to play any detail.

As the use of tubular steel pipe frame, for example. Typically, in the middle is left empty, but by Topo disposable plates closed triangle. This is not an easy task because of its closure should be given every field has a precision contour. Apparently, Topo do it perfectly.

Then, try to pay attention to the headlight cover. Here, inspired by the Aprilia Mana Topo. "Only the chosen form of narrow lights. Beda Which rounded same," said the builder.

Some components are also attached to the Suzuki Aprilia, such as swing arm (swing arm) and the model upside down front forks, taken from the Aprilia Diablo, until the wheels were from the Italian motorcycle.

Topo wild ideas are shown on the design of the exhaust. Forms outside the norm, ie, six square and ends supertrap. It looks so interesting because such a cover fitted on the outside.

Cover it strengthened if the TC is now more attentive to detail in every motor consumers.
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